Top Social Media Marketing Tools for 2024

Social media is in constant transition; Twitter was overtaken by X, ad blocking is widespread, and Mastodon may even come back.

Clincher is one of the top-rated powerful social media marketing tools, featuring automated analytics reports and team collaboration workflows as well as professional video creation functionality.


Hootsuite provides businesses with many useful features for social media management, including an easy scheduling system that enables users to write posts ahead of time and schedule them across various accounts and platforms; it also provides analytics on their performance. Hootsuite makes engaging with followers easily by responding quickly and saving draft responses for later use - perfect for responding quickly when comments or messages come through on social media!

The tool offers users a feature that allows them to amplify the reach of their posts through sponsorship - an effective form of advertising frequently employed by community managers to ensure their posts reach more of their followers and fans. This feature has proven especially valuable, given that social media algorithms have reduced organic reach over time.

Hootsuite provides an intuitive dashboard experience with its clean interface and a wide variety of customizable templates that can be tailored for brand content creation. Furthermore, its content discovery stream makes finding relevant posts quick and simple through hashtag or keyword searches - perfect for sharing relevant posts quickly with followers.


Canva provides all the tools necessary for creating social media graphics, posters, and documents without needing design experience. Its intuitive platform also enables you to customize templates and add logos of your own choosing - perfect if you have little creative ability!

Canva offers templates to cover every visual content type. From social media posts and banners, presentations, logo reveals, Instagram Stories, and even logo unveils, there's bound to be one to fit the bill - if not, you can even build your own from scratch.

Canva offers one of its most underrated features: its color meanings tool. This allows users to quickly understand what each hue symbolizes as well as provide suggestions of other hues that would work well together.

Canva makes managing social media accounts much simpler thanks to its social media scheduling feature. You can schedule posts directly for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram from Canva, saving both time and effort when managing them - an especially handy feature for small businesses or startups trying to establish their brand online.


Buffer is a social media management tool that makes scheduling posts to publish at mutually agreed-upon times much simpler and keeps an eye on unanswered Facebook and Instagram comments from one central dashboard. Furthermore, this user-friendly service comes equipped with a browser extension for even easier content sharing from anywhere online.

Buffer's main focus lies with scheduling posts, with this carrying over to their analytics available from the Answers tab (for paid users). Their dashboard also offers various options, such as creating campaigns, adding calendar views, and filtering posts based on tags.

Buffer allows users to schedule content easily across various social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and pages, TikTok business accounts, and Pinterest. Their mobile app features all core publishing features, while their standalone tool called Buffer Analyze provides more in-depth social media performance analysis data.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a professional-grade social media management platform with an extensive set of features. Its intuitive interface enables teams to work collaboratively on content creation, scheduling, and analysis. Furthermore, this tool helps brands create campaigns and strategic projects with robust network integrations; additionally, it features workflows that facilitate client reviews and approvals to safeguard brand standards and maintain oversight.

Sprout Social's Smart Inbox consolidates messages from all connected accounts into one manageable feed for easy viewing and action, and users can customize it to focus on messages that need their attention - this feature also works on iOS or Android mobile apps! Other notable features of the platform include an automated posting and scheduling system, a social media library of image/video assets, and customizable link-in-bio features for Instagram posts.

Sprout Social's dashboard offers comprehensive reports on post performance and audience growth. Users can access these reports from the Strategy & Insights, Competitive Analysis, Content Performance, Customer Care Performance, and Team Performance tabs. Furthermore, social listening tools provide users with an invaluable way to monitor millions of conversations without writing complex queries themselves.


Brand24 is an efficient media monitoring tool with powerful analytics. It tracks keywords and analyzes consumer sentiment to give users insight into what people are saying about their brands online - monitoring social media sites, news sites, forums, blogs, video descriptions, podcasts, and websites, as well as providing metrics such as share of voice reach engagement metrics.

Word cloud analytics also give businesses insight into the context of conversation surrounding their brands, providing insight into which topics are most impactful to their target audiences and enabling future campaigns to focus on these. Furthermore, they can even identify influencers within their industry to discover partnership opportunities.

This platform also alerts businesses of new mentions so they can respond swiftly. This can help businesses curb negative comments before they deteriorate into damaging statements that threaten to tarnish their reputations. Furthermore, it tracks real-time conversations and trends data; creates automated infographics/.xls files; processes results efficiently so businesses can focus on what matters for their businesses; processes and streamlines results efficiently so businesses can focus on what matters for success.


Later is a social media management tool founded on two success stories (including Mavrck) that offer various features to keep your content under control. Its visual calendar provides an at-a-glance view of forthcoming posts, while its scheduling functionality lets you schedule Instagram Stories, Reels, and Posts at specific dates/times.

The app also lets you store graphic images in a media library for easy searching and sorting; plus, it comes equipped with an effective hashtag tool that suggests relevant keywords to help find new followers and engagement opportunities.

Later is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to drag and drop posts into their appropriate time slots on a weekly calendar. Its intuitive design and competitive pricing make it ideal for smaller teams on a tight budget, while monitoring all forms of communication (direct messages and comments) is another key benefit of its native integration with Unsplash, enabling access and quick editing of royalty-free images.


CoSchedule is a scheduling tool that can assist in streamlining marketing projects. It features a central project calendar that connects to individual team members' task calendars and performs automated updates to keep everyone informed. CoSchedule also comes equipped with tools like an Asset Organizer and social media templates to aid the management process, while best-time scheduling automatically posts messages at times when their engagement will peak on popular social media platforms.

Social media scheduling is an integral component of any successful social media strategy. Understand each platform's operation, as well as which types of content your target audience responds best to (such as links, videos, photos, GIFs, infographics, or carousels). Once this knowledge has been gained, CoSchedule allows you to schedule posts quickly with matching templates for every type of post you publish - saving both time and ensuring posts go out at optimal times.

No matter whether you work solo or as part of a team, tools to manage social media efficiently are key for staying ahead of the game and saving both time and money by automating certain tasks or taking advantage of data insights for improved campaigns.

Hootsuite is one of the premier tools for marketing managers, providing a central dashboard to oversee all social media channels and monitor online conversations. Hootsuite enables marketing managers to easily track hashtags, find influencers, analyze performance data, and improve social media strategies with its comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Followerwonk, which provides an in-depth breakdown of your followers and their activity, can even show when your target audience is most active so that you can plan posts accordingly.

Sprinklr is another powerful social media management solution with an expansive suite of marketing solutions, though its price may make it prohibitive for some companies, and the learning curve is steep.

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